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Questions about our webstore? Call our Parts department at +1 708-343-7738
Tunnel Systems

Tunnel Systems

The full, flex, and express car wash tunnel system you want…
made easy, without compromise!
AVW car wash tunnel systems put our “simplicity in motion” design and manufacturing principles into action. All car wash systems incorporate innovative technology, offer high-quality components constructed using durable materials, and provide reliable operation with minimal maintenance and minimal downtime.

  • Compact - 40' tunnel system
    Compact – 40' tunnel system
  • Mid-size - 90' tunnel system
    Mid-size – 90' tunnel system
  • Full - 120' tunnel system
    Full – 120' tunnel system

AVW has been building high-quality, reliable, and effective car wash tunnel systems since 1973. Today, we are a leading manufacturer of full, flex, and express car wash tunnel systems installed in many of the most successful car washes around the globe. A high-volume, efficient car wash system which can help your business succeed. And your customers get a high-quality, worry-free, car wash each and every time.

  • Key AVW car wash tunnel system features include:
    Equipment that is designed to operate reliably and trouble-free, using simple, dependable physics principles
  • Hydraulic equipment with added features providing enhanced functionality; designed and built to run for decades
  • Main structural and mechanical components constructed using heavy-gauge stainless steel for durability and attractive appearance
  • Belt Conveyors that load easier, wash faster, and provide an unparalleled customer experience. They eliminate conveyor issues that have been accepted for decades and extend performance beyond that of our durable roller conveyors.
  • Wraps and exclusive Contour Side Washers clean more cars in the same amount of space with performance and speed that have set the industry standard
  • Unique Mitters and Top Brushes with simpler designs and fewer moving parts that effectively eliminate common problems and dramatically reduce required maintenance
  • Durable high-pressure equipment that operates as well with reclaim water as with fresh water
  • High efficiency dryers with exceptional nozzle velocity for better and quieter performance

AVW's standard car wash tunnel systems cover a wide range of tunnel sizes, are fully customizable, and offer full build-out options from 29' compact systems through 130', and larger, full-size tunnels. Length and configuration options are available to meet your wash model and site-specific requirements, including fleet systems, automated handwash, and detail tunnels.