Questions about our webstore? Call our Parts department at +1 708-343-7738
Questions about our webstore? Call our Parts department at +1 708-343-7738

WOW Carwash Opens in Littleton, CO

WOW Carwash opened its doors for business in Littleton, CO on June 14, 2017, marking the occasion with a grand opening celebration. For consumers the good cheer continued for the following 10 days, as the wash endeavored to introduce its services to the community by giving away free washes. From drawings and construction of their […]

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Splash! 2017 brings car wash industry together in New Orleans

Car wash professionals gathered in New Orleans in October for 24 hours of fun, food, friends and education at International Carwash Association’s Splash! event. Splash! offers a unique twist on the trade show concept, providing a more casual and fun atmosphere to help create opportunities for those in attendance to connect and learn. This year’s […]

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The Italian industry pushes forward

T’S NO ACCIDENT that Italy is synonymous with the sweetest parts of life, or as Italians put it, “la dolce vita.” As a people, Italians take great pride in all the things tourists flock to the boot-shaped country for: the delicious food, awe-inspiring art and carefully crafted luxury goods. When it comes to automobiles, that pride […]

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Hollywood has trained us to have certain expectations. For instance, whenever a character says, “What could possibly go wrong?” you know to expect a major problem to crop up in the next scene, if not the next second. As a carwash owner, some days may feel like this scenario. It’s a sunny morning, and you […]

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Making the belt conveyor change

How modern systems boost car counts while increasing site safety and preventing damage claims. While guessing the future of the carwash industry may be impossible, some areas of evolution have definitely become evident. Modern, inviting washes now have the most leverage when it comes to generating repeat business in a competitive and crowded car care […]

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Women in Car Wash: 2nd Annual Conference Wrap-Up

When you are a part of the tight-knit car wash industry, you have a great opportunity to put your voice out there and inspire others. This is exactly what Danka Djordjevic from AVW set out to do by attending the second international Women in Carwash conference in Arlington, Texas this past January. AVW stands for […]

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When the snow started falling this winter of 2021, it seemed like it did not want to stop. And we’re not just talking our usual suspects of the Northeast and Midwest … we saw relentless snow NATION wide all across the board! This meant lots of street cleaning and salt on the road, and in […]

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Expert Advice — Committing to the Best Location

The old adage location, location, location, I think is what we want. We always want the best location we’re going to do the most business. Now, we can certainly analyze that and say, what’s the traffic count, because we know that picking a site is not an exact science. So, is it traffic count that […]

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Expert Advice — Becoming Relevant to a New Customer

We feel that it’s extremely important to have your own look and a professional look on any boulevard in America today. There is not better opportunity to capture a new customer than right in front of you, off the boulevard. We can do radio. We can do TV advertisements and we can do mailers. None […]

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Expert Advice — Staying Relevant to Existing Customers

First of all, we are always committed to constant and never-ending improvement. That’s a mindset here and all of our employees and family members are constantly committed to that. And the way we do that is we travel a lot and we visit a lot of other operators. We try to stay abreast of our […]

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Efficient Detailing is Here

If you had to venture a guess you might guess that the dirtiest thing in your car might be the steering wheel since it is what you touch the most. Studies show, however, that the radio knob is the dirtiest thing in your car. If you think about it more it makes sense since it […]

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Expert Advice — Free Vacuums

My name is Phil Degeratto. I’m with Buddy Bear Car Wash in Chicago. We have six locations, and I’ve been washing cars for over 30 years. Well, currently, we have six locations. Two of them have the gas and convenience stores, and the rest are they express exterior models. We have a strong monthly membership […]

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Expert Advice — Belt Conveyors

I’m Steve Timmer. I’m with Wash U. I’m one of the partners with Wash U. Well, we got in the express business almost 12 years ago. So, between owning and operating and building washers, we’ve primarily done expresses. My name is Michael Timmer. I’m with Wash U Carwash. This will be my 12th year in […]

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Expert Advice — Chemical Injection Systems

Expert Advice — Chemical Injection Systems

Hi, my name is John Imreibe. I own and operate the Royal Touch Car Wash. We have two locations in Chicago, and we’ve been in the carwash business for 18 years. Our first site was started back in 1999, and we added a second location in 2003. The main reason for any foamed application inconsistency […]

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What do you call a clean car with dirty mats? A dirty car!

Whether you offer free self-serve vacuuming with your express wash or provide interior detail services, the AVW Mat Cleaner delivers clean mats for your customers. Mats are brushed and scrubbed quickly and easily (in minutes) removing summer sand or winter salt. And, the AVW Mat Cleaner accommodates a wide range of shapes and sizes, from […]

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Troubleshooting common car wash problems

Bob Schaefer, AVW’s sales/customer support and resident expert, is featured in an article in the current edition of Professional Carwashing & Detailing. The article looks at some of the most common problems car washers face and how to fix them.

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